Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sentence First -- Verdict Afterwards!

I love Halloween! I didn't realize that my outfit screamed Alice In Wonderland until I started looking at the photos a little more carefully. It kind of made me wish I had worn my black headband instead of my knitted cap. Of course, with Halloween being on a Sunday, I'll probably just stay home and close all my lights and pretend not to be home and eat the candy I'm supposed to hand out pass out candy to trick or treaters! Now it kind of made me wish I had somewhere to go so I could wear this outfit and sort of spruce it up to make it a little more Alice-y. I'm not a big believer in buying costumes! With a little imagination and some props and accessories, I'm pretty sure you can recreate a costume by yourself. Well, actually, that's a lie, because I love seeing little kids in their Barney and Spiderman and Disney Princess costumes! So cute!

Also, sorry for my face. I haven't been sleeping lately and I'm not a big fan of make-up because I always touch my face and rub my eyes. It took me so much self-control on prom night to keep my make up tidy for pictures. Of course, after all the photos were taken, I immediately washed it right off, haha.

Outfit Details:
blue jacket - Be Cool Brand
gray tanktop - some boutique in China
lace skirt - Urban Outfitters
knee highs - ??
acid wash pumps - H&M
knitted cap - Anne Klein


  1. love your jacket matched with pumps! I can not get enough of the lace! :)

  2. Great skirt and tights :)) Classy! <3 I like your blog, I hope you're going to take the time to visit mine - I have a feeling you'll like it :)) Can't wait to hear from you and of course feel free to follow me anytime (if you like my blog of course :))! <3

  3. You look amazing. Loving those knee highs!

  4. oh god you should see me without makeup!
    anyway love your knee highs and skirt :) x


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