Monday, October 4, 2010

Tie Your Mother Down

I wore this outfit on Mother's Day  earlier this year to sort of pay homage to her. For lack of better words, I copy and pasted what I had written:

i decided on this dress because it's my mother's and has the cutest tie waist in the front. i'm her only daughter and the heirloom that i get to inherit when she no longer wants them or when she's no longer here (knock on wood) are her clothes - her prize and possession. she's an amazingly fashionable woman and she prides herself in wearing haute couture that only few people can pull off (like emilio pucci and albert ferretti, her favorites). although we do not get along some times, she is still my mother and i love her. she's amazingly humorous when she wants to be, and intellectual, giving me wisdom that is absolutely priceless.

everyone says that though look more like my father, i am my mother's child. we both ran track, are athletic, and that i carry the same traits as her - observant, wise, filial. i feel that it's not appropriate for me to own up to this traits yet - i am not mature enough to be the woman that my mother has and all the obstacles she has had to endure through life.

Outfit Details:
Floral tiewaist dress with shoulder pads - Mary Jo Bruno
green aviators - Urban Outfitters
brown crossbody bag - Bueno


  1. This is such a sweet post <3
    That dress is so lovely on you. Seems like your mother has a wonderful fashion sense just like you :)


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