Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cameras + Accessories.

Nikon D40 w/ 18-55mm lens and Hoya 52mm 82a filter
Kodak Instamatic 300 and Nikon FE2 (shot by Nikon D40 w/ 18-55mm lens)
I know everyone's curious about what other bloggers use to document their lives and who shoots their photos. I know I am! So, I decided to dedicate a post entirely to my cameras.

As my dad cleaned out the closets today to prepare for winter, he found his old camera bag. Currently, I use a Nikon D40 with the standard 18-55mm lenses. He had told me that he was a camera fanatic in his youth a while back before, but I just brushed it off. As he gave me the camera bag, and I opened it, I felt as if it was Christmas morning. An early Christmas present!

We had already found a Kodax Instamatic 300 that belonged to my grandfather. Unfortunately, the film is incredibly hard to find and the camera is a bit faulty after all these years, meaning the shutter button and flash gets stuck. I just keep it for decorative uses.

Inside contained a Nikon FE2 along with 3 sets of lenses - standard, wide angle, and telescopic, along with some filters. I was ecstatic. And if you're a Nikon user, you'd probably understand why I was so happy. The reason is that many of the older Nikkor lenses can still fit onto today's DSLR bodies. Unfortunately, as I began trying to shoot with the older lenses, I realized that I was completely inept at shooting manual. I guess I'll have to learn and work with it, especially since the manual flash that came in the camera bag is probably out of battery and I don't feel like finding the necessary parts.

Shot by Nikon D40 with older 28mm lens.
Shot by Nikon D40 with older 28mm lens.
Shot by Nikon D40 w/ 18-55mm lens with Hoya red cutout filter.

Does anyone have any tips/advice for shooting with manual lenses? The manuals confuse me quite a bit, haha.

With my daily outfit shots, I use a Davis & Sanford TRAVLRV Traveler Tripod and the ML-L3 remote control so I don't have to run back and forth to my camera to press the timer again and again. Plus, I certainly don't have scenic views as everyone else. My parents would probably think I was crazy if I ran outside with my tripod and camera in hand! Plus, I feel sort of embarrassed if someone was passing by and I was posing ridiculously, haha. In addition, sometimes I use a smaller tripod that, again, belongs to my father. I'm not too sure what brand it is, though.

Hoya Skylight 55mm filter, 28mm filter, Hoya 52mm red cutout filter

What camera and accessories do you use?


  1. I wish i had a dslr but at the moment i'm making do with the samsung WB500, i don't really do anything fancy so i guess it fits my needs right now.
    I used to use a tripod before i broke it so i've resorted to stacks of books and boxes until i get hold of a new one :) Also i feel the same way you do taking outfit photos outside!
    Cute blog btw, i'm a new follower :) x

  2. the photos look so fun !

  3. how cool i love reading about cameras as much as i love photography i have zero knowledge about manual cameras , which is why i am so eager to pick it up

    i adores pretty photos so i hope i can snap some of my own

    i am a little clueless when comes to hunt for the right camera , so now i am reading a lot of forums and tutorials and product review in hoping that i can find the right one for me

    I also love toy cameras like Diana F and Holga once i have learned manual cameras then i will venture into lomography

    with love



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