Saturday, October 2, 2010

He's A Good Time Cowboy Casanova


You don't know how ecstatic I was when I found these ankle cowboy boots on Piperlime. Even though they were a tad expensive, they're from Nine West and they're ankle boots! Unfortunately, due to my athletic legs (aka: large calves and thighs), I have trouble fitting into knee-high boots. So, to compromise, I end up scouring for that perfect ankle boot that won't cut me off and make me look like a Smurf!

Luckily, I read the reviews on the site, telling me to size half a size down. I'm usually a size 8, but these babies are a size 7.5 and fit perfectly. They're even roomy enough so I can wear my favorite fuzzy socks with them! The bad part is that they're suede and I was sort of hoping to wear these out in the rain. I hope everyone has a great and wonderful weekend, even though Saturday is almost over! I know I'm scrambling to get back under my covers and catch up on some much needed shut eye even though I still have homework to do. The woes of being a college student! 

 Does anyone have any hints? Should I get a suede protection spray or should I not even attempt to wear them in the rain? 

Outfit Details:
Hotkiss jean jacket - Buffalo Exchange
green racerback dress - H&M
belt - Forever 21
Ninewest ankle cowboy boots - Piperlime


  1. oh those shoes are so cute!!! that is one reason why i kindof dislike suede you can't wear it in wet weather!! i would try the protection spray, i have a pair of suede boots and i always somehow get them soaked walking through grass at night or something. They are pretty much destroyed now lol but they did last a few years when i sprayed them every spring.

  2. Oh my goodness, those boots are so perfect! I can't really offer any advice about protecting your suede booties, but I can tell you that I'm in the same boat as you regarding having tons of work/college student woes!

  3. You've got beautiful hair !

    that green is really your colour :)
    and I love your jeans blouse!

  4. suede boots , i have only one pair boots through out my life , lol because its so hard to find a casual pair and i am wearing a size 10 so in Malaysia its super duper hard to find shoes my sizes plus even if i am lucky enough to find one , most of the time its really expensive

    yours look amazing on you , i don't know much about how to take care of it because mine , my family dog has totally chew the zipper out of it and peed in it hahaha its long goodbye in the trash can , :(


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