Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Character Style: Holden Caulfield

character style: holden caulfield
Image courtesy of Polyvore. Click to view the full list of items used.

I know it's quite cliche, but Holden Caulfield is one of my favorite literary characters. He's also one of the most influential characters on my fall and winter wardrobe. When I think of What Would Holden Wear If He Was A Girl? I couldn't help but be attracted to cable knits, slacks, plaid, beige, navy, and everything that has the essence of a preparatory school uniform.

He has that sort of whole 'poor little rich kid' thing going on. Where he can't help but be rather well dressed. Here, in the first outfit, I envisioned sheer t-shirt with a lace tank top on top, paper bag slacks, and a navy cable knit cardigan, completed with a pair of oxfords. This outfit sort of reminds me of the scene where Holden is having drinks at the Lavender Room with those three girls that he couldn't stand.

The second outfit, for much colder weather, consists of a plaid dress (to make up for the lack of a houndstooth print), a black cape, sheer printed hosiery, black boots, and a signature deerstalker. The scene that reminded me of this outfit is when he decides to take his little sister, Phoebe, to the Central Park Zoo.

For the third outfit, perhaps a modified school uniform,  reminds me of the night that Holden is sitting in his dorm room and Stradlater announces that he has a date with Jane Gallagher. A simple beige skirt, red cable knit sweater, a green jacket, knee-highs, and brown riding boots.

Hopefully I'll be able to put together a few outfits like this for this fall! I'm quite excited, especially since the temperatures are dropping! I even decided to scour the internet for a few more images that reminded me of what a female Holden Caulfield would wear.

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  1. i think you've captured a female holden perfectly, i want the trousers and red jumper from your polyvore :)
    ps. i love catcher in the rye! x

  2. That's such a good idea to try and emulate the style of your favorite character.
    These street style shots are such great inspiration! Looks like you have some really stylish ideas all lined up for this fall.


  3. lol this is really fun to read as i am already picturing how he would look like if he was a girl

    i love the listing you've made , although most of the items cant be wear with the weather we have in Malaysia , i am still admiring the style


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