Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Coeur de Pirate

So I wore this outfit on Monday! Unfortunately, it started drizzling a little bit, so the flats were definitely not a good idea! My poor feet were freezing. I lovelovelove these pants and this jacket. They're my two of my favorite items in my closet. If I could only pack one suitcase full of clothes to wear for the rest of my life, these pants and that green jacket would definitely be in there!

Outfit Details:
green army jacket - DKNY
black sweater - South Pole
beige patent flats - Franco Sarto
beige pants - For The Republic
brown circle scarf - Forever 21
brown belt - my brother's closet
pearl necklace - my grandmother's


  1. i love your pants!! they look so good on you!! and your army jacket is killer, i have been dying to find one for ages now!!

  2. This rain is cramping my style... haha, I can't wear cute flats in fear of them getting soaked through because of surprise torrential rains! This is such a cute outfit, and how awesome is that back of your jacket?! :)


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