Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Character Style: Matilda Wormwood

character style: matilda wormwood
character style: matilda wormwood from Polyvore. click the above image to see a full list of items included.

From Roald Dahl's Matilda! Everyone's favorite genius with the ability to levitate things like empty glasses from a dysfunctional family. I always envisioned her as a headstrong girl and incredibly independent as a young adult. She seems a bit demure, as well, but only because she doesn't recognize her own genius. 

She'd be modest in her clothing - muted pastels, peter pan collars, knee socks, loafers, Mary Janes, and canvas knapsacks so she could carry all of her books. Of course, where would we be without a cute pair of reading glasses? All of these outfits are versatile enough for her to go from school to the library and then off to a nice little tea party with someone (or, in this case if we're speaking about transitioning her from the novel world into the real world, a coffee shop for a poetry reading). 

Matilda would be that girl in high school/college that everyone knows of and is well liked, but very reserved. That isn't to say that she's hard to get along with. She's a very compassionate and outgoing character, but with someone of her brilliance, she's certain to be a girl of few and careful words. She prefers to spend time with her nose buried in her books, sitting on a nice comfy couch at a local cafe or book store.

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