Friday, October 8, 2010

There's A World Out There We Should See

It's been so nice lately! The rain cleared up, so it's been sunny, windy, and nice and cool. This is my absolute favorite season. I love cable knits - especially sweaters. Even though it's a solid plain color, the knit detailing makes it so much more interesting. And these are my absolute favorite flats, but they're horrible to walk in - especially in tights. They kept slipping off and I almost lost it in the middle of the street, as I was crossing in front of traffic. I've had them for about three years now, and they're so worn in that they're a bit big on me now. :( Too bad! They're so comfy. And they're by Arturo Chiang! One of my favorite footwear designers.

The images are small because they have to fit nicely in my layout for my blog, but feel free to click them to see the detailings!

Outfit Details:
navy cable knit sweater - Ralph Lauren, from my brother's closet
printed skirt - ??
black tights - Hue
knit scarf - Hollister Co.
brown bag - Forever 21
brown flats - Arturo Chiang


  1. love the sweater - utilising your families clothes is always fun :) x

  2. I am in love with your sweater ! Thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  3. i am in love with these shots... you look fabulous as well!

  4. oh i love cable knit sweaters!!! this is so funny because i am wearing one as i type lol i really wish i had a brother to steal things from :)


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