Sunday, October 17, 2010

Scattered By A Bitter Fate

I always had trouble styling this sequined vest that I got from Buffalo Exchange for about 10 bucks. I'm not too sure about this look. It was just an experiment, haha. I decided on the plum colored tights because I felt that I had too much black in the outfit!

Well, it's Sunday, so I hope everyone's having a great one, whether you're going to a religious place for worship, having dinner with your family, or just relaxing at home! I'm heading out to go to New Jersey to have dinner at my aunt's place. Hopefully I'll get an outfit shot in. They have a really nice scenic yard I want to take advantage of.

Now I'll have to actually get showered and dressed within half an hour. That's something really difficult for me, haha! Well, not the showering. I can get showered and wash my hair under ten minutes, but the whole getting dressed thing is a different story. I'm really indecisive and I tend to tear apart my drawers and closet until I find something suitable.

Outfit Details:
plum tights - Hue
dress - some street vendor in SoHo
sequined vest - thrifted at Buffalo Exchange

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