Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dreams Are Just Aimless Stares

So we ended up not going to my aunt's house today, so I was a bit upset about that because I got showered and dressed, haha. But, as my mom went out to go meet her friends and my father drove her out, and my younger brother decided to go out with his friends, it was just my little brother and I at home.

Instead of letting my comfy weekend outfit go to waste, I decided to head out back to attempt to take some pretty pictures. It was really awkward because this lady was unloading her car and she kept staring at me as if I was trespassing on my own property, haha. I'm just lucky no one was walking up the street or the driveway.

This old Mercedez was my uncle's. He moved away and abandoned it in our garage in the back. We had to remove the license plate because it expired and the car is basically a junk car. I have no idea why we didn't junk it yet, but it makes for a nice picture!

I absolutely loved the weather outside today, though. It was brisk and slightly windy, but it was nice and sunny, too. Nice enough that I could actually forgo tights and wear my summer maxi dress! Of course, I dressed it up for fall by layering on a short sleeved sweater.

I even went through the liberty of doodling on one of my photographs, haha. I used to do it a lot, because I thought the background/surroundings weren't kitschy enough.

I totally forgot to add this to my post, so let me sneak this in now, haha. In addition to venturing outside, I decided to make a yummy lunch for my youngest brother! He hasn't been feeling well the past weekend, so I made his favorite foods to cheer him up: clam chowder and garlic bread, with a diced tomato salad/topping for me.

diced tomato salad/topping: beefsteak tomato, salt, basil, olive oil and chill for about 10 minutes
new england clam chowder: diced potatoes, clams, onions, celery, cream and then lots of work!
garlic bread: sliced roll (i didn't have real bread!), diced garlic, butter, salt, (light sprinkling) of garlic powder and bake!
I like my garlic bread with diced tomatoes!
My little brother likes his with his clam chowder.

Outfit Details:
printed maxi dress - Blue Plate
beige short sleeved sweater - some boutique in China
cowboy boots - Nine West


  1. These pictures look nice, seems like your little brother enjoyed his lunch :)
    I added you on Bloglovin' and GFC, feel free to follow me as well :)

  2. I love how these pictures turned out!
    Your skirt is adorable, and that lunch looks super yummy :)

  3. The food looks amazing and the weather looks so great! Love the little doodles on your photo too.

  4. The sweater and dress look so cute and comfortable! I love the photo where you are hanging out with that gentleman octopus!

    Also, that food looks tasty...

  5. oh i love your skirt!!! and those boots are so cute :)

  6. Your little doodles made me smile!


  7. beautiful photos. i love the pattern of your skirt too!


  8. i love your boots... and your photos! :D
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