Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Farewell To Summer

I began writing this post from my university's library. It's midterm week, so that meant that I was stuck there studying for classes. Luckily, I only have one midterm left this week, but it's math - my worst subject.

As the weather begins to drop into the 50's and 40's here, I came up with a formal farewell to the warm weather. I decided to pull together a rather 'summery' outfit, consisting of some beautiful pieces that my mother gave to me. My favorite piece definitely has to be the leather jacket because of its funky little details and stitching patterns. I went a little photocrazy with the detailing shots! But it was a little too much fun staging the pieces and just showcasing them individually.

I kind of miss summer, but as I'm just sitting here, updating cozy in my sweatshirt and sweatpants, I think I can deal with the cold weather for a little while! I can't wait until Black Friday so I can get some shopping done. I want to spend my money wisely, so I'm making a list and rethinking it until I get it finalized before I spend anything. But I know the first thing I really want to purchase is a sewing machine so I can finally tailor all of my thrifted finds and maybe even start making my own clothes again! Hand sewing is such a pain. My thumb ends up cramping and I have to take a break, haha.

Outfit Details:
yellow dress - D&G
acid wash pumps - H&M
leather jacket - Legatte Jeans
yellow quilted purse - Chanel


  1. This is gorgeous! That purse is wonderful!!

  2. That leather jacket is beautiful, I envy you.

  3. that's a great color yellow - a perfect summer dress to transition to fall!

  4. bye bye summer :'(
    i absolutely love your jacket! x

  5. good luck with maths! i looove your shoes (:

  6. Wow that jacket is amazing. And I love the yellow, what a bright color to liven up these darker autumn days!


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