Friday, October 15, 2010

Yes! Amazing Tech Support!

Thank you SO MUCH HP for your amazing an timely tech service. They totally told me that I'd get my charger by the 19th (hopefully), but it turns out that they delivered my charger by overnight delivery and I managed to obtain it this morning as a nice surprise from my good night's rest.

This outfit was something that I was thinking up for about a while now, but only because I was at a standstill about the color of these tights and I was trying to think of what would go with them. I realize that this outfit definitely contains a lot of blue/blue-related colors. I'm definitely not used to wearing all solids, so it was really weird for me to actually wear an outfit of solid colors. I like a little pattern in there to make things interesting. But this belt belongs to my mother and it's about ten years old. The reason why I don't wear it much is because it's a bit too flashy for my taste, and it's wearing out in the back. I hope it won't rip or anything, because I actually really come to appreciate the detailing of the studs and the 'pop' it gives to certain outfits.

About the job interview that I went to, it went pretty well, and now they're just checking my references. Hopefully, I'll get a call or an e-mail within a few days! As a broke college student, I definitely need all the extra cash I can get. Books are so expensive! My biggest pet peeve is when the teacher makes you purchase an expensive textbook and we don't even end up using it! :(

Now, I'll try to catch up on posting my outfits, though I did seem to get a little lazy these past few days by living in sweats and leggings and my beat up sneakers! I hope everyone has an amazing Friday! I'll be sitting home and watching the House marathon that's on right now on USA.

Outfit Details:
royal blue long sleeve- Forever 21
teal skirt - Forever 21
studded belt- my mother's
teal tights- Hue, i think
oxford pumps - Nine West


  1. I really love those heels. Too cute! And hopefully you'll get the job! I'm struggling looking for a job now as well. College is no joke, lol. I try to keep thinking of the traveling around the world when I'm older to motivate me! =)

  2. Oh I think you look lovely. I love the oxfords! Oh Freshers week is so much fun, it's basically a week (or two) of partying! Kinda crazy but a necessity at British universities!

  3. oh i love House!! it is one of my favourite shows!! your shoes are so awesome :) and i love the different shades of blue together. i hope you get a email/call about that job soon!!

  4. yeah i read about the job interview in the older post what job did you apply for actually?

    i hope your phone will ring real soon :) at the mean time just enjoy the time u have
    ( cause working is seriously no fun )

    have a Happy Sunday

  5. those blue shades shouldnt work together but they look so chic !


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