Wednesday, September 8, 2010

You and your broken heart; it's written all over your face.


After eight months, my boyfriend and I decided to mutually end things. It is sort of bittersweet, but I won't dwell on that much longer. We're still good friends, so at least that's a plus!
I wore this outfit on an outing with some of my best friends from a private high school that I transferred out of. Though it did not contain all of the people that I usually hang out with - it's a good group. We managed to spend the whole day just exploring the city and eating - two of our favorite past times. We also took a trip to Anthropologie, where my friend Jen had an 'accident' with a chair in the store. She managed to sit on it and it just sort of collapsed under her. After taking a few moments to catch our breaths from laughter, we decided to leave the store so we wouldn't cause any further damage. At least, not without me managing to snap a few awesome shots of their adorable displays.

Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at Europa cafe, where I had a pasta bowl with basil pesto sauce. For dessert, we went to Magnolia's Bakery by Rockafeller. I still prefer the original location best, but I got the blueberry crumb tart. It was absolutely delicious.

My friend Jen and I in front of the fountain at Bryant Park.
We passed by the Brazil Day Parade! The food smelled so good.
Yum, Auntie Anne's cinammion pretzel is the best!
Xenia, Elise, Me, Jen, and Amrita
Awesome chandelier display inside Anthropologie. I wish I could purchase this!

The cutest bird pens.
My friend Jen, standing with her "accident", haha.

I'm so excited!

Outfit Details:
printed dress - Forever 21
printed scarf - grandmother's
Bueno shoulder bag - Century 21
Bongo sandals - Century 21

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  1. I adore your dress, and the way you paired it with the scarf is too cute! You've got such lovely photos on your blog.


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