Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Plaid Heart Blazer

 Outfit Details #1:
plaid heart blazer - Topshop
white tank top - Hanes
plaid skirt - old school uniform
vintage Chanel bag - my mother's closet
brown flats - Arturo Chiang (i've lost these flats. they were my favorite; and i especially love Arturo Chiang)

 Outfit Details:
plaid heart blazer - Topshop
gray speckled shirt - H&M
brown shorts - Dollhouse
brown belt - my brother's closet
black Vans - Vans (not pictured)

(I've started this blog after I've had many other outfits posted on my Chictopia and Lookbook accounts; I'll be slowly putting them onto this blog, so these outfits will be chronologically updated unless specified.)

This plaid heart blazer from Topshop was one of my first purchases from the store after its opening in SoHo. It was actually an impulse buy. It was the last of its kind - looking forlorn on the sales rack as everyone quickly skimmed over it. It was something different than what I would usually wear, but something moved me to purchase it.

I have worn it twice (and these are old looks, though I have worn these outfits more than once) - pictured above - and I have now finally come to terms that I love this kitschy blazer. And I even plan on wearing it to the Renegade Blogger Meet Up on Friday if the weather permits.

The first time I wore this blazer was purely an experiment of wearing two patterns together. I tucked it into the skirt and, in hindsight, realized I should've belted it or something. It wasn't as much of a disaster as I would've thought.

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