Thursday, September 9, 2010

Coquet Coquette, You Know I Won't Forget

For Labor Day, I spent the day at one of our good family friends' house. I consider their son (Gary) and daughter (Tracy) to be my cousins, since we practically grew up together. They recently got a trampoline and, having been deprived of having one in my childhood, I was the first one to jump on it. I even managed to do some "gymnastic" moves. Unfortunately, my body is not as limber as it has been when I was young, so my attempts at doing a 'bridge' were not as clean cut as I would've liked.

Gloria, my cousin, and Tracy were much better at attempting them, though Tracy decided to get a little lazy. My younger brother, Kingston, even managed to break away from inside where Gary, my other brother, and my other cousin were playing video games, and come outside to have some fun with us! I sure worked up a sweat.

My cousin, Gloria
My baby brother, Kingston.
Gloria attempting a bridge. Tracy (off to the side) gave up!

Outfit Details:
aztec print blouse - Urban Outfitters
brown tank top - Forever 21
cargo shorts - Converse
brown moccasins - Century 21
brown bag - Bueno


  1. I love those jumping pictures! And that top is great!

  2. i have always have this silly thought that i might break the trampoline , haha

    that is a very nice top , the details and colors and it look warm and cozy too


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