Sunday, October 6, 2013

nostalgia's for greeks

my life has become a dull collection of quick snaps and two minute editing sessions on my iphone. i recently turned twenty one, so i can legally drink but instead i choose to sleep in my bed to catch some rest from a 40 hour work week and two 12 hour days in school. time is of the essence and i have no time. i need a change of pace in life -- a fresh breath of cold winter air.

i spend my time at festivals and shows, letting lights inspire me and letting food replenish the energy that i feel depleting quicker than a smartphone battery. have you seen these new New York IDs? they're terrible. and plastic. i'm sure i'll break it within a year.

i hand painted and stenciled wooden greek letters. that was fun.

i wish i had the time to really put effort and time into my photos again. like i used to. like three years ago when i started this blog. can you believe it? three years. so much (and so little) has changed. 

on a good note though, it's finally fall.
i love fall.

until next time,

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