Sunday, December 30, 2012

oh the desolation grows

cropped collar shirt - American Apparel // jacquard lace tee - American Apparel // chiffon skirt - American Apparel
flat edge leather belt - American Apparel // opaque pantyhose - American Apparel

An outfit for work! And then random photos through my week. I've been spending my second week of winter break just working a lot, hanging out with friends, and eating. I'm going to gain so much weight...I finally got to have dinner with my line from my sorority. It's so nice seeing sisters that joined the sorority so long ago and that they still come out and see the expansion of their families. The food at Gyu-Kaku was amazing. It was Japanese barbecue. A little expensive, but it was definitely worth it. And the drinks weren't bad either. The lychee bellini was pretty spectacular. I hope everyone is enjoying their breaks, if you have one. If not...well...I hope you guys take some well deserved vacation days. :)

until next time,


  1. Cute outfit Julia!! I'm so glad you're enjoying your winter break! I've been eating a lot too with friends and gaining that inevitable holiday weight, but it's all good--that's what new year resolutions are for right?! :)

  2. It does seem you have a lot of fun! =]

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