Friday, September 30, 2011

Uniqlo StreetStyle Contest: Vote For Me!

What an amazing opportunity. This was such a fun thing to do! Participating in this contest was worth it and winning would just be the cherry on top! I'd really appreciate it if you guys could vote for me in the Uniqlo StreetStyle contest! All you have to do is click on the link below, sign in (with whatever method you choose -- I like using the Facebook option, it's so much easier), find my picture and click on it! And you can vote once a day, every day until the contest ends. I'd really really really really appreciate support from you guys. But don't forget to vote for whoever you think should win!

And I'd really appreciate it if you guys spread the word. ♥

until next time!


  1. Julia! I was just catching up on your blog and my goodness how you have grown into this confident, stylish lady! Love! I'm sad we didn't bump into each other during NYFW (like last year when we met on the subway), but there's always next year? This past NYFW, I FELL in love with Uniqlo! I'm so sad I only got one t-shirt from there. I'm craving more! Next time I'm seriously stocking up on everything! Ah! Love this outfit! Congrats on the opportunity!


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