Monday, August 15, 2011

first blogiversary!

 illustrated chiffon camisole in lt. peach beaver lake - american apparel // belt - levi's
floral chiffon double-layered shirred waist skirt - american apparel // flats - H&M

 YAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BLOG! (Yes, I categorized this blog under "holidays" as well because a blogiversary is sort of a holiday, right?) Granted, I haven't updated daily, but it's still a major success in my books. I was the type of person to make a blog (or keep a diary) and then forget about it (actually, I was just too lazy to sit down and make a post), but I wanted to have something I could reflect back on. And having readers is just the fun part. I love reading my previous posts about where I ate and who I hung out with and what I wore (especially since most of my clothes are in huge heaps in my room, I tend to forget about certain items I own).

And MacBar is this delicious macaroni and cheese place that oh my goodness I can't even describe. It's cheesy and delicious and did I mention cheese? I love cheese. Oh and those are my friends. We're in a club together. We're also on e-board. This means we run the club and we are obviously important. And we take our club serious. Look at that dedication.

I feel like I've changed a year to date. I've started college, went to my first blogger meetup, celebrated my 18th birthday, transitioned into 2011, went to Boston, documented the snowmaggedon New York experienced, launched my own magazine (which is still in the works), watched the Gay Pride parade (which also coincided with NY passing the gay marriage bill YAY!), and basically documented my life for the past year.

I'm extremely glad to have started this blog. It has helped me on an introspective journey that goes beyond the clothes in my closet and the food that I consume. It has allowed me to appreciate the people around me and the creativity that this blog inspires me to continue to seek out. And it will be a priceless virtual memory book that I'll, hopefully, be able to share with my children and my children's children and an endless generation of my spawn. Or something less gruesomely worded. Yes. But, I hope this blog will have many many many more birthdays.

And I'd like to say "Hello" and "Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!" to all the visitors that this blog has, and will continue to have. I don't care about my reader count or comments or whatever, but just knowing that people actually take time out of their day to read my posts or look at my pictures or scroll through my ramblings is good enough for me. So, thank you a billion times over and I hope to make many more friends! I'm not a creep. Promise.

until next time!

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