Friday, June 10, 2011

sometimes a lesson's learned.

printed chiffon camisole - american apparel // stretch twill high-waist side zipper short - american apparel
belt - brother's (unknown brand) // moccasins - minnetonka (not pictured)

 honey roasted turkey sandwich from cafe prague
 aloha pineapple drink from jamba juice
free books 
 dinner (papa john's pizza and a coors light) and dessert (grossnasty Red Mango)

Taking inconspicuous outfit photos right on 5th ave is not very easy. People are constantly walking by and I'm pretty sure the cute guy in the cafe where I got my lunch was staring outside the window thinking I was a lunatic for getting up, walking around, staying still, and then sitting down again. Or maybe I'm just paranoid. I look sweaty and grossnasty because I was sweaty and grossnasty. It was about 95 degrees and the A/C at work BROKE. I was dying. I was considering fainting so they'll let me home early. That didn't happen as much as I wish it did.

For those who've had frozen yogurt knows there's big beef (rivalry) between Pinkberry and Red Mango. To be honest, I like Pinkberry better because of the pricing and the flavors. At Red Mango, there's a base price for the frozen yogurt, and for each additional topping, you get charged X amount of money. At Pinkberry, you get charged a price for either plain frozen yogurt or frozen yogurt with as many toppings that can fit in your cup. Being the greedy hungry growing sensible girl that I am, I obviously side with Pinkberry. 
*This post was not sponsored by Pinkberry or Red Mango in any way (I wish). I'm just always eating.

And during my break at work, I went to go get food (the sandwich pictured above and Jamba Juice). Right outside of Jamba Juice were boxes and bags filled of free discarded books. My favorite thing in the world. One of them, at least. I really love being able to hold a tangible book in my hands. Being able to flip the pages and smell the mustiness of the books and see the yellowing of the pages. I'm not a big fan of these e-readers. Who wants a book that runs out of batteries? Okay, maybe some of you do, but I'll always stick to my paperbacks and hardcovers.



  1. I really love the print on your top!

  2. What the heck is on your frozen yogurt? I love how you basically get to drink at home now. :) Oh, and I love you. <3

  3. where are your shoes from int he first picture by the way?

  4. Tee hee! I'm too chicken to take outfit pictures alone outside. I am moving into a new studio apartment this summer with a balcony though. Maybe balcony shots?


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