Saturday, June 11, 2011

collecting your victims

navy & white striped tank - american apparel // green chiffon mini skirt - american apparel
black belt - vintage // brown mocassins - minnetonka
 lunch: chicken nachos from a food truck.
 indian parade.
 cream of tomato soup with chicken & orzo from Hale&Hearty // blue raspberry Coolata
 homemade pasta & sauce
 smith's menthol and eucalyptus balm. BEST THING EVER!

This has been more of a WHAT I CONSUMED DAILY AND WHAT I WORE THAT I DIDN'T STAIN WITH FOOD sort of blog. It's alright, right? I mean, everyone loves food. And everyone loves clothes. But I just like food a little more than clothes. I'm waiting for my next paycheck before I go crazy with the shopping again. Wishlist: BAGS AND SHOES AND....MORE STUFF....All of my bags broke. That's what I get for shoving textbooks and a 17 inch laptop into a $20 Forever 21/Urban Outfitters bag. Does anyone have suggestions for a nice quality bag that won't break the bank?

I love my navy and white striped tank top from AA. It's super comfy and long enough to be a tunic so I can wear it bike riding with my bike shorts. And long enough that I could wear it as a dress (sort of, mostly because I'm so short). AND THE SKIRT IS SO LOVELY. IT'S CHIFFON AND LIGHTWEIGHT AND I JUST WANT TO CUDDLE WITH IT. Except it's a little see-through. As you can tell, you could see a bit of my striped tank peeking out from under the tank in the detail shot.

AND THAT MENTHOL AND EUCALYPTUS BALM BY SMITH'S IS AMAZING. It's almost as good as Burt's Bees. To be honest, I like it a little better, and I think it's the best Smith's product in terms of lip balms. That's just a personal opinion. I know there's like a cult for BB.

You know, since I turned 18, my parents were all, "YAY WE ARE NO LONGER FINANCIALLY OBLIGATED TO SUPPORT YOU," so I have to pay for most of my own necessities - Netflix (yes, this is a necessity), my cellphone bill, the ridiculous MTA metrocard fares, my college education, and anything else that I want/need. I'm kind of glad they aren't charging me rent, though I sort of want to move out. Not because I don't love my family and they don't provide for me and all, it's just that I want my own place to kick back and relax. With my mom's Type A personality when it comes to cleanliness and tidiness, my disarray of a bedroom certainly doesn't fall into the category of 'relaxed'. I like my stuff strewn across everything, with tiny trinkets and flea market treasures cluttering up my room. My mom likes everything minamalistic. So minimalistic that, if she had her way, 99% of my stuff would be in the trash.

Do you have to pay for most of what you spend? Or are you lucky enough that your parents still support you financially?

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  1. so many dim sum noodles. the most i've seen in my life at one table LOL. i love the shrimp one!

  2. A:
    HAHAHA, I KNOW! SO GOOD. I haven't had it in a few months so I kind of went crazy and ordered like 8 plates of them and ate almost all of them. And I love shrimp but I'm allergic so I can never eat it.

  3. i love your outfit! and those shoes!xxxx

  4. I love your food pictures. I should do my picture posts on my blog intermittently when I have a blogging block.

    My parents said that, too! Must be an Asian thing. All my college tuition is paid for with loans, grants and scholarships. But things change once you start establishing yourself as a good student and such. Your parents will start offering to pay for stuff and helping with things like graduate school applications.

    P.S. If I am ever in Manhattan, we must meet!

  5. I really like your outfit especially the skirt :) X

  6. Dim sum, nachos and tomato soup??! You're making me so hungry here. Loving the blog, its adorable :)

  7. your blog photos make me so hungry! hehe nomnomnoom. cute blog :)

  8. UPDATE PLEASE. Kthxbai

  9. oh wow, all that food looks SO good! my parents and i share the cost of things - i had three jobs last summer to finance my year abroad, and i think that they realised how hard i was working to make this happen and how important it was to me so they're helping out a bit too. i'm pretty damn lucky :)

  10. All the food looks SO GOOD!!!!

    Chicken nachos, chinese dim sum ahhhhhhhh, your photos are awesome and make me feel like being a food hog for the day. :)

    The Cat Hag

  11. love your skirt!!goes really well with the rest of the outfir!


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