Monday, January 24, 2011

the ballad of mona lisa

YES. GLASSES. I haven't worn them since 8th grade, I believe. But they're back (sort of). I lost my old pair of glasses and never got around to getting a new pair, especially since contacts are so gosh darn expensive and my money was being spent on other things (such as clothes....and food...). The flash of my camera was causing a glare on the lens of my glasses, so that explains why they're not in some pictures.

As you can tell...I am a master of striking a pose before the self-timer runs off. Just kidding. I always fidget and the camera manages to capture me amidst my awkward moments, haha. I guess it gives me "character" or something like that.

And how do you like the floral decals on my wall? Since my parents won't let me paint a mural in my room, I decided to just purchase these cool decals and stick them all over the place. If anyone knows of any other places that sells them for a relatively cheap price, feel free to drop a comment or e-mail me about it!

Anyways, after reading Diya's post on a striped blouse challenge (which I encourage all of you to enter!), I remembered that I never got around to posting this outfit. Actually, I haven't gotten around to posting A LOT of outfits...and not to mention, all of my Boston pictures!  I haven't decided whether to consolidate it all into one post or to separate each day of Boston. I mean, certain days were very boring, so I'll probably end up doing two days in one post or something.

So this striped blouse of mine is actually my mother's.She doesn't fit it anymore and we rediscovered it in the luggages that my grandmother brought with her when she moved in with us a month ago. Normally I'm more of a floral sort of girl, so I have no idea what compelled me to pair together two pieces of stripes together. I prefer vertical stripes over horizontal, mostly because I have rather wide shoulders, so anything with horizontal stripes make me look wider than necessary. The woe of having an athletic, inverted triangle figure!

And this varsity jacket I scored from Urban Outfitters was a crazy markdown to $20! It originally was something like $150. And the other day, when I went to Boston, I saw it priced for $50 in stores! Talk about varying prices...

Outfit Details:
olive varsity wool jacket - Urban Outfitters
my mom's old striped blouse - Cache
striped skirt - Forever 21
gray tights - American Eagle Outfitters
gray mary janes - Urban Outfitters


  1. thanks for participating julia! you're actually the first person to do the post. :) The stripes-on-stripes is ingenious.

  2. I love this outfit! I think you styled the jacket and shirt so well. Also, decals are cooler than paint anyways. You can change decals anytime you want!

  3. MARSHALLS HAS DECALS. I love this blog of yours, btw. I'm always checking up on it. <3

  4. oh i just love this outfit, the stripes look amazing together and that jacket was such a bargain!!!

  5. woowhoo for major sale!

    I love how you mixed the two different stripes together! The glasses are so cute!

    the decals are cute! they go with you outfit lol!

  6. :) haha Self timers can make you feel so silly sometimes...posing and waiting for it to go off :p
    I love your skirt, it goes well with your top!

  7. this outfit is SOOOOO sexy. I'd wear it for sureee. Love the stripes. It makes the outfit looks sophisticated.

  8. I'm having a valentine's giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out. xx

  9. hi julia!

    thanks for stopping by my blog :) i'm so excited to be in NYC
    btw is your post title refering to panic at the disco? I LOVE THEM! they pretty much were my teenage years haha i'm so bummed i missed out on tickets to see them at the bowery!
    love your sombre tones, definitely matches the weather!

    x amie

  10. hey julia! i just stumbled across your tumblr which led me to your blog. i've browsed some posts and i'm now following. :) i love your style. and you're so lucky you live in the city!

    stay warm in all this cold,
    xoxo danielle


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