Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wednesday's child is full of woe.

I wasn't going to dress up at all for Halloween, but after finding this spectacular white blouse with a sharp collar, I immediately wanted to pair it with my black dress (that I wore backwards so I could have a higher neckline). Wednesday Addams was always one of my favorite television characters (I hadn't discovered the comics yet) and I loved her morbid and deadpanned expressions. I tried to recreate the look as best I could and I tried to look morbid and serious, but I really couldn't even manage that! I don't ever imagine Wednesday would be all smiles and cheery, would she? And please excuse my slight lazy eye! It's only very noticeable when I look out the corners of my eyes!

When I showed my brother my costume, he immediately asked me if I was a zombie pilgrim. Oh, the poor child. He hasn't watched the Addams family at all, but then again...I sort of do look like a zombie pilgrim, haha.

I hope everyone's having a safe and wonderful Halloween! It's kind of a bummer that it's on a Sunday, though. But I bet everyone spent their Saturday night partying away! I wish I was young enough to trick-or-treat! Who wouldn't want some free candy?

(Please excuse my poor attempts at being festive!)

Outfit Details:
white collared shirt - ?? the tag fell off.
black dress (worn backwards) - Old Navy
black tights - Hue (not pictured)black flats - ?? (not pictured)


  1. i love this - i'm definitely having Addams family flashbacks!
    happy halloween :)

  2. your pigtail braids are so cute!!!

  3. haha love the happy halloween thing!
    & cute braids! :)

    <3 :)

  4. Darling, your blog is fabulous!
    And, as a fellow Adams family fan I think you make a great Wednesday :D

  5. I like Wednesday! But I think a Zombie Pilgrim is awesome too-- what a funny kid.

    You have a such a cute blog.

  6. omg u look amazing ^^ a much cuter Wednesday and ingenious idea about the dress ^^

  7. good idea on the costume like it, you pull it off real good


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