Sunday, October 10, 2010

Random Doodles

I know it's not good to just let me mind wander off in class, but I often find myself doing so and coming up with the weirdest little scribbles and doodles!

Inspired by Lady Gaga's Bad Romance music video! Haha. This was last year, I think sometime in November. I might be mistaken. I never properly date my work! Done with a regular Staples blue pen.

Inspired by Weezer's song The Prettiest Girl In The Whole Wide World. Done with a regular Staples blue pen, again. I don't really know, haha. Done in December 2009.  

* The drawings after the jump contain nudity, so be warned! Rated R! *

I really like drawing birds for some reason. And bird is slang for a girl, so I decided to just draw them nude, haha so they could sort of meld into the birds. Done with a regular Staples black pen.

Just experimenting with the female mammary gland. No particular reason. Staples black pen again! Haha. I wish I could afford nicer pens.
This one is done with a black pen, again, from Staples. I was dozing off in one of my lecture classes, so I decided to do a sort of 'dream sequence' sort of doodle? It's unfinished, but I double I'm going to go back and finish it.

Well, that's it for now! I have tons of other stuff I should probably include in this post, but I'm a bit too lazy to scour my files for my old art. I hope you guys enjoyed it! I'd love some constructive criticism!


  1. wow! these are amazing...reminds me a bit of surrealist stuff (my art history is very rusty though!). I like the first a whole lot!!!

  2. wow amazing , cool right when u can made art inspired by music


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