Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day & Indian Summer!

Well, to everyone who has Columbus Day off, Happy Columbus Day! I was actually surprised that today was so, well, HOT. I actually decided to venture onto my rooftop (where I, honestly, won't be going too often due to its precarious nature) for photos. I had to scale this shoddy looking ladder, which I'm sure will fall out of the wall soon due to my weight, then push the incredibly heavy top off of the roof, and drag all my equipment up there by myself. I'm sweating a storm, haha!

Outfit Details:
pink cardigan - Tramp
floral romper - Charlotte Russe
brown oxford pumps - Nine West


  1. oh your pictures are so gorgeous!!!! i love this outfit so much the cardigan and the romper look so so so cute together!! and your shoes are so adorable i am so envious!!

  2. What do you call that kind of hairstlye? I've been wanting to have a similar hairstyle like that :)

    Also, I love those shoes. Those are the kinds of shoes which I think I can pair with anything especially dresses :3

  3. i am still clueless about Columbus day lol

    but hey i love the way u rock the romper with the pink cardigan , so pretty and must i say i am dying to have a pair of oxfords like yours :)

  4. i dont know whats wrong with my account ahh bonkers , my hotmail got hacked the other day so i've changed my mail for my blog. Anyway the above comment is from me . sorry for the silly spam

  5. lovelovelove the outfit and pictures :)

  6. Goodness, you look adorable! I adore the print on that romper; it's so sweet, and the gathering by the waist adds just the right touch. The whole ensemble is so simple and pretty, and those shoes rock! Lovely.

  7. i adore this ♥ you look stunning and lovely

  8. this is absolutely darling!


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