Sunday, October 26, 2014

sea of voices

(sweater - Necessary Clothing // jeggings - Hollister Co // boots - Steve Madden)
(Sally Hansen "In a Flash" & Formula X for Sephora "Wham!")
It's been more than a year. My apologies.

Time flies and sooner or later you're wrapped up in a whirlwind of daily errands, obligations and promises that you never intended to keep.

We stumbled onto the beach this weekend, enjoying a childish moment of freedom in the midst of our busy lives. It was so calming to be here when the weather was perfect, the wind whipping through our hair, and barely another soul in sight.

Kevin and I were caught by surprise with how quickly the waves decided to crash upon us. I didn't notice since my feet were safely covered in my shoes. Special shoutout to my brother and his girlfriend for accompanying us and capturing the priceless moments. They reminded us of how to enjoy the moment and just have fun and laugh as much as we can.

(my brother and his girlfriend)

until next time,

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  1. So nice to see you around these parts again Julia! You look so adorable and cozy in these photos! These photos at the beach are so great!


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