Sunday, December 16, 2012

no clothes in the closet, it's all birds

 OUTFIT: unisex fisherman pullover in wheat - American Apparel // shimmer opaque pantyhose in midnight - American Apparel
fisherman beanie in slate marl - American Apparel // green jacket - DKNY // dark wash high-waist short - American Apparel
MAKEUP: Make Up For Ever lipstick in MAT 6 - matte dark raspbery // LANCĂ”ME Artliner in noir

 You know one of those little treasures in your life that you've forgotten and come across again and a huge wave of sentiment hits you again? Well, that's this blog for me. It's one of the corners of my mind that I've manage to neglect for a while. But I have little intention to do so. Consider this a welcome back party.

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