Wednesday, December 22, 2010

set your bones in clay, part ii

You can probably see better views here, on my Flickr.

Today, this is not an outfit post. Instead, it's an art post! Sorry for whoever was expecting me decked out in clothes, haha. With no where to go, and loss of my scenery, it's very hard for me to attempt to photograph what I swear. My grandmother moved into our basement, my portal of access to the backyard where I photograph myself. Now, she doesn't know what I do (blog) because if she did, she'd probably call the cops certain that I'm being preyed upon by some creeper. You guys aren't creepers (at least, I hope!) so I wouldn't want anything like that to happen, haha. She's a cute old lady though, promise!

Anyways, this particular set of doodles belong to my 2011 planner! The outside sort of makes me think of what Gryffindor students' planners would look like. Or maybe that's just me. But I'm more of a Hufflepuff, to be honest.

The line "set your bones in clay" is from the song Hometown Hooray by White Hinterlands (which you can check out here), a band that I'm currently obsessing over. The vocals seem sort of ghostly, but it's so enchanting at the same time. One of my favorite songs by White Hinterlands happen to be "Icarus", so you should definitely check them out! I can't find the official video (and I'm not sure if there even is one for this song, but here's a video you can listen to).

And this was done with regular colored markers (like Crayola, haha) and colored pencils, a blue Bic pen, and a black Bic pen. So yes! That's the method to my madness. NO PENCIL. EVER.


  1. Oh my goodness, Julia. You are SO TALENTED! This is wonderful! I'll definitely have to check out that band as well :)

  2. p.s would you consider drawing a little something for my blog?

  3. How did I freakin miss this post? I love doodles like this. I wish I was more creative.


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