Friday, December 31, 2010

feasting forever!

OH HELLO BLOGGERS. Right, so holiday festivities and family bonding and all that! I promise I'll catch up (sooner or later) on my posts. I mean, I totally have an awesome post about the snowstorm that hit us. I always feel bad I never blah about my day on the same day, but I find that really hard for me. I'm always so lazy tired after all the festitivies!

I wore this outfit on Christmas Day! YAY. I felt like a candy cane, but I think that was the whole point. You know, being festive and all. Our dinner was delicious! I mean, I totally didn't even take enough pictures because I was too busy gorging myself on the food, but it was all homemade and wonderful. After dinner, we just all sat around and talked and (finally) watched Inception. And IT WAS AWESOME. Was it just me that had a crazy awesome dream that night after watching that movie? I was totally trying to figure out what level I was on and what my kick was, haha.

(Left to Right: the christmas card i made for my parents, our food baking in the oven, melon & prosciutto appetizer)

I hope everyone had a great festive time! I know it's almost the end of the year and it's kind of really weird that the year went by so quickly. So much has changed in my life, I feel like I should do one of those blogger recap of the year posts with my favorite outfit from each month or something and talk about my resolutions (1) uhhh be nice to my brothers, 2) lose weight (just kidding. this is impossible!)) and share my sentiments. Which I totally will do. I PROMISE. Because it's not like I have any cool plans for New Year's Eve. I hate being 18! I can't go out and have drinks and party (legally in the U.S, anyways) and fun like all the cool adults!

Outfit Details:
cardigan - Forever 21
striped dress - Eyeshadow
floral tights - American Eagle Outfitters
white shoes - Ralph Lauren
headband...thing..bow - Forever 21


  1. Love the combo of the cardigan and the dress. Also the food looks amazinggggg <3

    I'm trying to study how you position yourself so i can take better pictures with my new tripod.

  2. Are the people in your family chefs? lol. You have so much interesting foods for the holidays.


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