Sunday, September 5, 2010

Studying Abroad: Drafting.

I have been given an ultimatum - to transfer and dorm at another college or to study abroad.

I would be a fool not to take the latter of the options. Europe has always been a fascinating place to me; I've always been a fan of European culture. In addition, I would love to study there so I can immerse myself in the richness of its history. Amrita (quelle dommage) and I were discussing this upcoming fall semester in 2011 as a possibility to study abroad. I just hope that, financially, I will be able to save enough to put towards 3.75 months over there and, academically, my grades will be in my favor.

One of the main reasons, besides myself wanting to explore the world, that contribute to me wanting to study abroad is independence. I have been rather sheltered my whole life, though I do not dare say that I am spoiled - I am much far from that. My parents want to protect me from the world and, in doing so, I feel that I have lost some experiences that I would have loved to add to my memory. Studying abroad will allow me to explore a place that is outside my comfort zone and, though it may seem harsh to admit, far far away from my parents' eyes. They are rather lax in their rules and, perhaps, even 'cool' to a certain degree, but with me being in a different continent, pursing my studies and exploring new cities with my friends is much too of an appealing idea to let go of.

I had entertained the idea of studying abroad to other countries - such as France, Sweden, Austria - but I have concluded that I would not be suited for such a lifestyle. I have only studied French for roughly three years, and though I do read French literature on my own, I don't find myself comfortable with the idea of spending an entire semester there. I know nothing of the languages of the other places that I have wanted to visit. So, to compensate, I have figured that I could always take a weekend trip to these cities thanks to the convenient Channel Tunnel (referred to as the "Chunnel" in London and 'Le tunnel sous la Manche' in France) that I have heard many stories about.

I hope everything will work out. See you in 2011, London. :)

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